18 April 2009

*Thoughts on being a "Troublemaker..." 18 April 09

Lake Baikal. Irkutsk, Russian Federation. June 2005. (Photograph by Ivan Shapovalov / JSCo. Russian Railways)

As you probably know from the growth of this blog, I spend a lot of time on the computer, and of course on the web. A lot of time. For work, pleasure, and even just everyday radio. I haven't shared many links here from outside sources, particularly opinion pieces, but this one I had to share. It is making the rounds in the photo-trade sites now. Actually had to stop myself a few times to keep from calling colleagues to point them to see this piece. The way the business has turned the last few years, especially the 'corporatization' of newsrooms, and all the PC attitudes now permeating on every level, this piece knocked me out. Give it a read and save the link below, share it with friends, and remind yourself if you've ever been labeled a "troublemaker" or "hard to work with" in your career, then you my friend are doing the right thing. Always, always be truthful to yourself, your passion and your work... -cg.

Here's a few lines from the post:

"Great photographers are fundamentally unhappy people. Not in the suburban housewife way of unhappy and waiting for something tremendously beautiful to happen and be swept away, a la “Madame Bovary”. Not at all. They are unhappy with the world around them and how it functions. What bothers them is the way reality is commonly perceived : Normal, bland, boring and uninteresting.
What is compelling to a photographer is not the way reality is presented to them, but what is behind. Or on the sides. great photographers are those who are not accepting things the way they are. They are trouble makers..."

Click here to read the full blog post: The Trouble Makers.

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