29 October 2011

"An October Snowstorm...?" 29•Oct.•11

Well, you certainly don't see something like this everyday. To say that a pretty severe snowstorm on Saturday wrought havoc on the Northeast is probably an understatement. The last time I viewed a national news organization's site, there were something like 9 people killed and upwards of 1 million people left without electrical power. In our region, my second HS divisional playoff game was canceled, just as the snow began blanketing the turf field a little after noontime. Editing and transmitting from the warm press box helped, but the drive home that normally would've taken 30 minutes, required an hour and a half on the interstate in slushy, wet snow. Neighborhoods in my town are still without power and I'm writing this on Monday morning, the 31st. I certainly hope this isn't any indication of what's to come this winter... ~cg.

NEWBURGH, NY. A Newburgh firefighter returns to his vehicle after responding to a call on Sunday morning, October 30, 2011. A rare October snowstorm dumped several inches of snow in the Northeast region, downing trees and causing power outtages to thousands in the tri-state area. © Chet Gordon/THE IMAGE WORKS

NEWBURGH, NY. A Newburgh firefighter returns to the firehouse after they responded to a call on Saturday evening, October 29, 2011. A rare October snowstorm dumped several inches of snow in the Northeast region, downing trees and causing power outtages to thousands in the tri-state area. © Chet Gordon/THE IMAGE WORKS

(2) - Washingtonville fans braved the snowstorm prior to the Section 9 Class AA Divisional Playoff game between NFA and Washingtonville at Faller Field in Middletown, NY on Saturday, October 29, 2011. The game was postponed due to weather and has been rescheduled for Monday evening. © CHET GORDON/Times Herald-Record

28 October 2011

"Another Winner..." NPPA 2nd. Place Sports for June 2011

Well, a second place ain't too bad in the National Press Photographer's Association Monthly News Clip Contest for June 2011. I wrote a bit about how I made this image back during the high school baseball playoffs in an earlier post here on the blog, and have re-posted it below (so you don't have to click on another annoying back-link to find it...). ~cg.

*This is why I like utilizing long glass for sports; no matter the event, venue or level of competition. Peak action, fast shutter speeds, relatively clean or out of focus backgrounds at wide apertures, nice light... (yea, I was 'sitting' on the shortstop and sort of guessed right when he dove for this line drive right toward me as I was 30' or so past first base up the right field line with my trusty 300mm and a 1.4 tele-extender welded on.) Just like we used to do down at the big ballparks in the Bronx and Flushing, NY... ~cg.

(3) - Livingston Manor shortstop Ken Fisk (#14) dives but can't make the play on a ball hit by Tim Steffens (#9) of Smithtown Christian during the fourth inning of their New York State Class D regional final at Pine Bush High School in Pine Bush, NY on Tuesday, June 7, 2011. Livingston Manor defeated Smithtown Christian 5 -3. CHET GORDON/Times Herald-Record

23 October 2011

In Praise of "Long Glass..." 22•Oct.•11

I am working on a new post highlighting my use of long telephoto lenses (or what's commonly labeled "super-telephotos" in the camera manufacturer's jargon). For photographing sports and an occasional news assignment with "Joe-subject" at a distant podium, while we're positioned on those annoying press risers - there's no substitute for me, as my main camera for game coverage is usually something "long" - either a 300mm, 400mm, and occasionally a 600mm. This image from a high school game yesterday was made on a 600mm. (Actually a 300mm f/2.8 auto-focus with a 2x tele-extender attached, but who's counting millimeter's anyway...?) Losing the two f/stops and shooting at f/5.6 or higher isn't a bad trade off for the gain in focal length to 600mm, especially under ideal conditions.
Stay tuned... ~cg.

18 October 2011

*"Everything Old is New Again..." Mombasa, Kenya. April 2006

MOMBASA, KENYA. A man exercises on the beach at the Serena Beach Hotel in Mombasa, Kenya on Wednesday morning, April 12, 2006. © Chet Gordon/THE IMAGE WORKS

A few days ago I added one of the most important software applications to my arsenal that I've ever experienced; Adobe LightRoom 3. Then while re-examining some of my archived imagery from previous international trips, these two photographs as a RAW file (top) at sunrise, and a simple .jpg file (bottom) knocked my socks off all over again. LightRoom made the slight color correction, crop and re-sizing a breeze, and I was able to prepare them for submission to my editorial stock agency in a minute or two, and that's being generous while taking my time. Simply unheard of in other apps like PhotoShop and / or Nikon View NX, where I'd have to first do the edit, and then convert the RAW files to sizeable .jpgs. In fact, as soon as I became familiar with the initial image editing possibilities in LR3, I've already removed Nikon View from my MacBook Pro's dock. Photoshop may not be far behind... ~cg.

MOMBASA, KENYA. Spoken word artist and radio presenter Imani Woomera photographed at the Serena Beach Hotel in Mombasa, Kenya on Monday, April 10, 2006. © Chet Gordon/THE IMAGE WORKS

15 October 2011

"Sometimes the Dog Wins..." 14•Oct.•11

NFA head coach Bill Bianco (right) greets Monroe-Woodbury head coach Pat D'Aliso (left) after their Class AA football game in Central Valley, NY on Friday, October 14, 2011. NFA defeated Monroe-Woodbury 7 - 0 to end Monroe-Woodbury's 63 - game winning streak against Section 9 teams. CHET GORDON/Times Herald-Record

Rain. Mud. Spit and Blood... Friday night high school football at the playoff tournament level; although it may be a little early yet to be thinking that way just beyond the midway point of the season. Sounds sort of a like a John Madden promo or something. I can almost hear Madden's voice echoing in my ear: "Now you see this kid here, Mikal Myers of NFA (at right). He's got the mud thing going all over his body, a two-way lineman who doesn't wear any protective padding on his arms - now HE'S a football player...!" Ever since I've been at this newspaper, there's been the mystique of Monroe-Woodbury football. (Similar to the plateau and rare air that NFA basketball has lived on for years...) I've been privileged to have photographed some of the best HS football competition in my career up here in the Hudson Valley, and a lot of it has had to do with covering M-W football the last 5 years. Last night was challenging and at times just down right tough. An intermittent rain kept things at a point just below miserable, not to mention my drop-dead deadline, when I needed to have images shipped to the paper. Nerve racking. Nail biting. But beyond the headaches and everyday stresses, it was still fun. And that's what counts probably more than anything...

*Here's the slideshow from the very muddy game... ~cg.

07 October 2011

"Thank You, Steve Jobs..."
1955 - 2011

06 October 2011

REWIND - Images from the Archive.

ADDIS ABABA, ETHIOPIA. An orthopedic patient tries on new orthopedic shoes and leg brace received from the charity Cheshire Services Ethiopia at the Black Lion Hospital in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on Thursday, December 1, 2005. © Chet Gordon / THE IMAGE WORKS

REWIND - Images from the Archive.
A showcase for some of my favorite images here on the blog that aren't particularly in the working portfolio. Look for this occasional feature where I'll highlight a single image that's meant a lot throughout my career. Enjoy. ~cg.

02 October 2011

Working an all-day "Zombie BBQ..." Newburgh, NY. 1•Oct.•11

Had some time off coming from the day job, so I was able to do a few things for a good friend & local restaurant owner here in town yesterday. A good day for a good cause, as the "Psychedelic Zombie BBQ II" was held inside the old Newburgh Armory. Some very large spaces, smaller rooms and a gym for vendors, outdoor BBQ, and an outdoor beer garden. I'd decided the night before to pack up my "quick & dirty" two light portrait set and bring it along, just in case I encountered folks really into this whole Zombie thing. Little did I know... It was a long and tiring day (about 15 hours on location), but it was good to see a few performers I know. It was also fun making the varied images and stepping up to the challenges of working under difficult lighting conditions in the old building... (Will try to add a slideshow of the day soon.) ~cg.

Chrissie O' Dell and her band One Hot Mess perform during the Psychedelic Zombie BBQ II at the Newburgh Armory in Newburgh, NY on Saturday, October 1, 2011. © www.chetgordon.com/blog