19 April 2009

"I know I've made this same, exact image before..." 04•19•09

It happens a lot (to me) in the process of just working. Of just putting yourself in place to make a "nice image." Or perhaps a few dozen. You never know. Bring the gear you'll need; i.e. a long lens, strobe for fill-flash, and a willingness to keep challenging yourself to "get closer" or do what it takes to make a pleasing image. The image above at left was made yesterday on post at the United States Military Academy in West Point, NY during the 43rd. annual Sandhurst Military competition between service academies & even two British Royal Sandhurst units.
Not really thinking about it all at the time, I knew I'd made something very similar a year and half ago in northern Thailand of these really entrepreneurial Burmese cats that ferried people across the Mae Moi river between Thailand and Myanmar (Burma.) I was there on my off time during an Operation Smile volunteer mission.

Let's not forget about covering last year's Sandhurst competition (below) were I got these Britsih cadets giving it their all in a light rain:

Come to think of it all now, particularly when you examine these frames, I can recall how I tried to make it a point of getting down close to the shoreline to make sort of a "straight-on" image of the competitors and the water-taxi guys on the Mae Moi river. Here's another one from yesterday at West Point. It doesn't mean much and wasn't submitted for publication or anything, it's just an image I liked of the cadets about to enter their raft.

Semper fi. -cg.

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