29 August 2008

Hurricane Katrina. 3 years on.

Today is the 3rd. Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina's devastating force when it struck the Gulf Coast & specifically New Orleans, LA back in August of 2005. At the time I was working as a night photo-editor at the NY Daily News, and remember sorting through the hundreds, if not thousands of images our team of photographers as well as the wire service shooters were producing. It was all incredibly mind-boggling, and has left more than a mere blemish on the federal government's response to the disaster. OK, I promise I won't go there in this forum. I managed to get down to the Gulf Coast states for about a week or so, some ten months after Katrina. I'll never forget the destruction I saw, or the people I met along the coast & in the Lower 9th. Ward in NOLA. Having worked at earthquakes, mudslides, and war zones, this was all too similar. Here's some of my take from that trip with a humanitarian client. Image #2 was published in the Oct. 9, 2006 issue of BusinessWeek Magazine:

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