10 August 2008

"Dawn..." 10 August 08 6:14AM

"Always look for the good light..."
A much needed mini-escape to witness the sunrise here in the Hudson Valley of New York, just blocks from home. (why don't we just call it the suburbs like everybody else...?) Peaceful and tranquil. When you stand still long enough, listen, and observe, and I mean really listen; you're privvy to all the moments of a day just beginning. Before the sun burned through, I was thrilled to just hear only the waves from a passing frieghter slapping the piers, pleasure boats, and such. (Not enough sailboats here in this marina for me though.) Thought of how many foreign lands I've witnessed just this scene, to begin another day of anticipating & chasing moments to capture the images I'd already formed in my mind's eye. Thought of friends and colleagues around the world working under the same beautiful light on this day, wherever they are on the planet. *(Personal reflective time concluded.) -cg.

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