22 December 2007

*The week that was. Fri. 12/14 - Fri. 12/21

It was some week for making images; (in no particular order) everything from a police shooting of a man with a grenade, a quick feature on an undefeated high school swimming program that hasn't lost a meet in 2 years, and Muslim prayer in a hotel celebrating Eid, marking the end of Hajj in Saudi Arabia...

Early Friday (yesterday) moring in the ballroom of a Holiday Inn Hotel, for Eid Mudlim prayer. For a while I felt like I was back in Jordan, Senegal or Kenya working in and around a mosque. This would have been a wonderful opportunity to make an audio-slideshow, but I think my head would have exploded with all that it entails doing audio recording and making good images... *(smile)

ecgeidprayer2a.jpg ecgeidprayer3a.jpg ecgeidprayer11a.jpg ecgeidprayer9a.jpg ecgeidprayer6a.jpg

Quick feature on the opening of a local burger joint:
ecgwoodysburgers4a.jpg ecgwoodysburgers9a.jpg ecgwoodysburgers5a.jpg ecgwoodysburgers12a.jpg

Spent a few hours Tuesday night at a HS swim meet to feature the undefeated Monroe-Woodbury swimming program. (they're the same school whose undefeated football team lost in the Syracuse Dome a few weeks ago in the state championship game. see my earlier post on covering their game last month.) They haven't lost a swim meet in something like two and a half years. I put up two strobes in the corners of the start / finish line side to help light up the Middle School pool. Looking back, I know I should've put up two more strobes, as I even had a helper working with me.
ecgmonroeswimming1a.jpg ecgmonroeswimming9a.jpg ecgmonroeswimming2a.jpg ecgmonroeswimming5a.jpg ecgjustinwright2a.jpg ecgmonroeswimming10a.jpg

Police shoot a 65 year-old man in the parking lot behind a local hospital:
ecgbonsecoursbomb2a.jpg ecgbonsecoursbomb4a.jpg ecgbonsecoursbomb6a.jpg ecgbonsecoursbomb11a.jpg ecgbonsecoursbomb9a.jpg
State Police officers in the rear parking lot crime scene at Bon Secours Community Hospital in Port Jervis on Friday, December 14, 2007. A 65 year-old PA man with a grenade was shot in the rear parking of the hospital at approximetly 4:30PM. Times Herald-Record/CHET GORDON *(worked a full day shooting three assignments, and then sent out to the scene at the hospital to sit on this story for another 6 hours or so. Then back out to the scene the following morning at 9 for another 12 hours on the story, working with the reporter to get the victim's ID, back story, police info & reactions, etc. It was a long weekend to say the least...)

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