31 December 2007

On 2007. *(looking back) The Year that Was...

Early thoughts on this New Year's Eve evening. Wondering what the 2008 will bring...

Rice field. Mae Sot, Thailand. Nov. 2007.
Working in a rice field photographing rice farmers in Mae Sot, northern Thailand on Sunday, Nov. 11, 2007. (Photograph by Chasmo.)

There is much to reflect on this past year. So many good people made this a positive and productive year for me. Here's a heartfelt thank-you to: Judy Weeks-Padgett, Jade & Vernon Jones in Charlotte, NC, Victor Guzman, Walter Lew & Ray Ng @ Photo Habitat, Jeff Hirsch @ FotoCare, photographers Keith Bedford & Shiho Fukada, Hank Johnson, Hassan & Maris, Connie, Katherine Cohee-Taylor & Lisa Jardanhazy @ Operation Smile, Kathy Caruso, Jennifer Warren, John Miller, Chasmo, Barbi Harris, Kristina Wells, Meg McGuire, Tom Bushey, John DeSanto, Mike Rice, and Gittel Evangelist at the THR, Vic Vogelin, Rita Levine, Mark Antman & everyone at The Image Works, Amy Goodman & Denis Moynihan of Democracy Now!, pilot Gary Quade, (to be continued...)

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