16 April 2011

"The River..." Newburgh, NY 16•April•11

Earlier this week on Tuesday evening, a 25 year-old woman drove her minivan into the murky waters of the Hudson River here in Newburgh, NY killing herself and three of her four children. Her ten year-old escaped after he managed to roll down a window and literally swim to shore and flag down a car. He was then taken to nearby fire department HQ, where a massive search and rescue operation began. Unfortunately for me as a news photographer, I wasn't able to respond to this unfolding event right in our backyard so to speak, as that's the same night I was initially being treated for a severe medical condition which kept me hospitalized for three days. *(See "Don't Try This at Home..." below.) I promised myself that at some point when I was well enough to go out, I'd at least get down to the scene and pay my respects, and analyze the location and logisitcs of that night for myself... ~cg.

NEWBURGH, NY. A man views the toys and balloons placed among a candlelight memorial at the boat launch on the Hudson River in Newburgh, NY on Saturday, April 16, 2011. LaShanda Armstrong, 25, her sons Landon Pierre, 5, and Lance Pierre, 2, and daughter, Lainaina Pierre, 11 months, were killed when she drove her van into the river on Tuesday evening. Her 10-year-old son Lashaun Armstrong escaped through the window of the minivan and notified authorities at a nearby fire station. © Chet Gordon/THE IMAGE WORKS

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