13 July 2010

"When They Grab Your Images..." (Thailand. Nov.•2007)

While starting the day with my morning coffee, imagine my surprise to find that an image of mine was lifted / grabbed / downloaded / copied or just plain stolen (again) and used without my authorization in a publication on the Thai - Burma border. The Irrawaddy (above) an English language publication in Southeast Asia used an image I made while on my off time during a humanitarian surgical mission in Mae Sot, Thailand back in the fall of 2007. I've just written a sternly worded letter to their photo desk, which I'm sure will go unnoticed, as I realize that this image grabbing & unauthorized use is a common practice in the business nowadays, but a simple email would've been nice. It's always reassuring when a courteous editor or picture buyer takes the time to write me directly to discuss the purchase of usage rights for one of my images. This is a business after all... ~cg.

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