12 June 2009

BDA. "Like Nowhere else on the Planet..." June 2009.

Finally getting around to posting a brief slideshow of my week in Bermuda (BDA) last week. It is the only destination I know of so close to home where I can still get lost visually, and almost spiritually if you will. It's always a well-deserved treat to return to the island. It is just so relaxing to re-explore some of the most beautiful beaches I know of anywhere, zip around the island on a scooter, watch a little cricket, of course have my fill of "Dark & Stormies™..."

Cheers, -cg.

*(Click the arrow at the bottom left of the player to start the slideshow, or click the image / or the arrows at lower right to scroll through the show manually. Enable full screen viewing by clicking the 4-way arrow icon above the credits button at lower right of the player. There is no audio with this brief slideshow.)


  1. Love the photos and the location. Although densely populated, there are still many quaint and serenely picturesque areas in Bermuda. One thing I mentioned to Chet is that some of the "seascapes" and other shots are off by a few degrees to the left, which means that Chet and camera are leaning a little to the right (NPI). Others could stand a little cropping and application of the "rule of thirds".

  2. horizons are always level! tilted horizons detract from the overall effect. spins