23 March 2009

Newburgh Free Academy wins Class AA State Championship 62 - 42 over Niagara Falls HS. Glens Falls, NY 03•22•09

"Newwwww-burrrrgh ... Newwwww-burrrrgh ... Newwwww-burrrrrgh...!"

Well, the weekend is finally over for me up in Glens Falls, NY. Two round trip drives covering just over 600 miles for two HS Playoff games just about wiped me out. Shot available light on Saturday in their semi-final game, and decided right then and there that I'd have to return all the way home on Saturday night and retrieve a full set of studio strobes, cords, clamps, "wizards" and everything else needed to "light-up" the Glens Falls Civic Center for the championship game on Sunday afternoon. It was basically a 'no-brainer' call for me professionally, especially since this was the first time I'd ever seen this minor league hockey arena, let alone had to shoot state playoff caliber basketball on deadline. Why not 'light-it-up' for the title game if our local team, Newburgh Free Academy advanced on Saturday...?

I will surely post more images here tomorrow and discuss some of the pros and cons of working the championship tournament this weekend. It was almost a perfect Cindarella ending to a demanding, yet rewarding season of HS basketball coverage and a lot of fun making truly consistent imagery. -cg.

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