20 December 2008

"Monster Snowstorm #1..." 12•19•08

I must be slippin' here. (no pun). I forget to put a few of these images up last night. Had to 'be out in it' yesterday, making images and avoiding accidents for work. Just stayed in the Newburgh / home area, so it wasn't too bad at least. Today hopefully will prove much easier to get around the coverage area. *(I sometimes secretly wonder to myself when I'm out working in weather like this; what all those folks who say they'd like to come out with me and "carry your camera bag..." are doing. Especially when the hands get numb, the snow is collecting on the gear, or worse, melting down the back of my neck...) I'll probably have my fill of making snow photographs by 10:47AM today or so. More snow expected on Sunday too. We'll see.

Back to work. -cg.

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