28 December 2008

"Back to work..." 12•26•2008

Had Christmas Day off for a change. Friday I was right back on the grind. Out on the mountain of a small ski facility here in the area. Made a few nice images of kids snowboarding and skiing; remembering to keep my feet firmly planted in the softer snow off to the sides of the main runs.
Managed to make a few file type images too, which could come in handy for future winter economy, business or just plain old ski / sport stories this winter. Or any winter for that matter.
I'll probably head to my favorite outdoor shop to pick up a pair of those clip-on type traction "thingies" that'll fit over your boots too.
Guessing the next time I get a ski assignment I'll consider riding the ski lift to the top of the course for different images, particularly at the starting gate of a competition like last year.
I'm already thinking about schlepping up another snow & ice covered mountain with two or three camera bodies, including one with a 300mm, and wondering secretly where I can possibly place a remote somewhere along the course for the high school championships at Belleayre Mountain, should I get that assignment again like last winter. (at right.)

Stay tuned & Happy New Year! -cg.

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