24 May 2008

*A slightly different take on photographing Track & Field.

Tried out a few different angles & camera placements today at the OCIAA Section 9 HS Track & Field Championships. Too bad I couldn't have been at the meet most of the day, as I had two morning assignments and the school is nearly an hour's drive from my house. I really hated missing the morning events, like the 100 meter dashes & high hurdles, especially at a meet like this with all of the best kids from our coverage area competing.I guess putting myself in that mindset made me work a little harder to try some new things. Here are a few from today that I thought kind of worked out. Wanted to also add how much I really like shooting sports "long..." with a 300mm f/2.8 & a tele-extender. I really like how that focal length sort of "cleans up" the background in a lot of the running images. It is my mainstay viewpoint in shooting sports, sort of like when I shot a few seasons of pro-sports at a former newspaper, where I utilized their 400mm f/2.8 almost daily. Here are a few more from the day's different perspective and thought process:
HS Track Championships. May 2008. HS Track Championships. May 2008. HS Track Championships. May 2008.

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  1. that highjump shot is great
    i usually just get level with the bar and work from there
    i'll have to try out the hail mary