26 November 2007

*Syracuse University's Carrier Dome for High School Football State Championship game. Nov. 24-25, 2007.

*Remote stadium camera. Syracuse, NY. Nov. 2007.
Putting up one of my remote Nikon D-1X camera bodies 1.5 hours before the start of the Monroe-Woodbury vs. West Genesee HS State Championship Game in Syracuse University's Carrier Dome on Sunday, November 25, 2007. (Photograph by Mike Rice.)
This was an emotional game as the school from our coverage area lost 42-21. I'd photographed them in three other games this season, and took a liking to watching their star players, which is a plus in covering sports to actually know who the key & talented players are. Sent back 24 images (six at halftime for immediate web posting by our sports editor back in the office) of the game and made the front and back pages, and also had 7 images inside to go with the game stories our two sportswriters filed. All in all, it was a good work weekend, and again, even down on the field, kept thinking to myself,
"Go early. Stay late. Get the uniform dirty..."

*Remote stadium camera. Syracuse, NY. Nov. 2007. *Remote stadium camera. Syracuse, NY. Nov. 2007.
Hustled up to Syracuse, NY Saturday night after work for the Sunday afternoon state high school championship between Monroe-Woodbury v. West Genesee game. Syracuse is a bear to get to from this part of the state, about a four hour drive. (almost 500 miles of roundtrip driving). Worked in "the Dome" a few times covering HS championship games about 10 years ago when I was a staff photographer over in White Plains at The Journal News. Those were in the 'old days' of shooting film, processing, scanning, and transmitting images from the press workroom in the bowels of the stadium. I've been putting up a remote body all season for football, including Michie Stadium at West Point. I always like this overall view from the stands, and the third camera is usefull for after the game jubilation on the field, etc., after I take it down at halftime. Considering using multiple remotes for the upcoming basketball season, and varying the lens choice and camera placement.
More later. Stay tuned.

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