06 November 2007

JFK International Airport. 8:20AM Tuesday, Nov. 6. before 9AM...

JFK Int'l. Airport. Tuesday morning, Nov. 6, 2007.
OK. Have a while here at JFK American Airlines Terminal 8 to upload a few things, and also add similar images to the paper's blog. Nice train ride into the city last night from home. Got into midtown Manhattan and stayed with colleague Shiho Fukada. (thanks for the great sushi and Cherry Wheat Sam Adams...!) We were out the apt. at 6:45AM, and grabbed a taxi for the quick 35 minute ride through the Mid-Town Tunnel, LIE, Van Wyck Expressway and down to JFK. man, I'm sure glad I don't have to hustle all over the 5 Boroughs anymore like a madman down here anymore... Wasn't bad splitting the cab fare with Shiho, as she's departing from a different terminal, so my half was $25.00. Much easier than the Airport Service Shuttle Bus as I'd thought about. For that, we would've had to get to Grand Central Terminal, wait for the bus, go through the whole routine which isn't fun with luggage, and in the pouring rain. Check in was a breeze with AA's automated self check-in and baggage drop off. Nothing's cheap here, as I was soon reminded of. Powdered eggs and potatoes with coffee: $9.00. 4 packs of DEntyne Ice gum: $2.15ea. I still have two hours before departure and the terminal is getting rather busy now.
More to come, probably from Tokyo's Narita International Airport. tomorrow sometime. I know this 14 hour flight is going to be a bear!

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