22 February 2012

"Goodbye Old Friend(s)..." 20•Feb.•12

On Monday I took the plunge and began making what one might consider a drastic change to my overall web presence. After some much needed thought, and from a mere economic and cost cutting measure, I discontinued the hosting plan I'd had since launching my original website (above) back in 2002 or so. I'd also moved my domain name to a new host server with more features for web hosting than the original service. (I'd been paying yearly fees equivalent to what it cost to host a website ten years ago) so you know I was overpaying the last few years. After a few discussions the past few weeks with a colleague and fellow photographer, I also decided to upgrade to WordPress blog software (for the new blog) and begin running the blog on my own server - meaning the "new" blog would be hosted on my server I'm paying for space on, and not hosted on a freebie like the Google / BlogSpot servers as I'd had for the last 5 years or so. So this post tonight can sort of officially be considered the first new post on the new blog... There's still quite a bit of back shop work to do here in the new WordPress software, but once everything here is moved over and rebuilt from the old blog to the new one with a slightly different theme (or design) it'll look and flow quite nicely. Thanks again for looking. Stay tuned and enjoy. "Cheers...!"

You can view the new blog here: Chet Gordon • Photographer


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