26 February 2009

"Fight Night at the Academy..." 2•24•09

It was good to return to the Arvin Gymnasium at West Point the other night. Photographed a few of the cadet bouts during the Brigade Boxing Open again this year. The ring was lit really well for broadcast on ESPNU, and I tried my best to make good use of the TV lighting, by shooting from ringside, standing in the back row of the floor level bleachers and from above level running track with fans watching along the rail. I really liked the some of the images made from the overhead position, as I wasn't looking up into the ring lights, and having to shoot everything wide. The tighter composed images from overhead kind of make the viewer pay attention to the punches thrown, and particularly the clean backgrounds. I remember commenting to a ESPN crew member at ringside on how good the light was this year, and he mentioned that it really looks great in "HD..." Since I'm not a fan of the "Tee-Vee", I really wouldn't know from firsthand experience as far as owning one of those new-fangled boxes. I was just really pleased with the overall lighting of the boxing ring. Here are a few favs. -cg.

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