06 November 2008

"OBAMA..." 04 Nov. 08

Tuesday night was historic, no doubt. My assignment for the night was up in Kingston, NY to cover the expected victory celebrations of our Democratic NY Congressman Maurice Hinchey and the first Ulster County Executive, Mike Hein. Kingston is a long way from the main office, and from home, probably 30 - 40 miles up the NY State Thruway. I knew it was going to be a late night, and the deadline clock was ticking feverously every minute after I'd arrived at the hotel to start making meaningful images of both candidates. Fortunately I know the Congressman's PR guy and even the Congressman himself, as our paper chases a lot of our elected officials. I knew it wouldn't be a problem getting close to him for the night. but he wasn't the (local) story of the night. Mike Hein, who I'd photographed back in the summer in a debate was the big deal on the this night, running for the newly established county executive position. So I had about an hour of potential shooting time to follow Hein and his family from their suite on the other side of the hotel, then their victory stroll, and introduction in the Holiday Inn's main ballroom. (Man, this was a long way from previous election night winners I've covered in NYC, etc. years ago...)
Here's a slideshow of the take from the night, starting off with the local coverage of Hein and his family, and then after quickly editing & transmitting a half dozen or so images to the paper right on the 11PM deadline, I decided to stay and watch Sen. John McCain's concession speech and then Obama's victory speech from Chicago's Grant Park. Emotions never got the best of me, as I knew I was there to document the folks in all their jubilation in Obama's win. Seeing that emotion and making images under such poor light after midnight was enough for me to remember this night... -cg.

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  1. My favorite part of election night was watching some of the folks posing with the cardboard cut out of Barack Obama and taking pictures with it. Good job (and hustle) that night, partner.

  2. Chet,
    It was truly an honor to serve along side of you in Fox Battery.2nd.Batt.12th Marines.3rd Marine Division.You were a huge asset while in uniform during duty and when we were on the softball fields together playing against other competitive military units.Man,you had a rocket of an arm! Your website and photos are amazing.Keep up the good work. Love and Peace to you my old comrade. Don (Doc) Unland