23 July 2008

*It All Starts Here...

"Good morning, I'm Chet, and I'm a 'Gear-Head..."

OK, I'll admit it. I don't know if this all stems from my military background and a specialized attention to detail in maintaining your hardware & gear, but I realize that every piece of equipment I own, borrow or rent is instrumental in doing the job. Hauling all this stuff around sometimes isn't easy, and preparing to go on the road again this weekend, got me thinking of all the little accessories that we utilize to do the work at this level. (Two recent weekend trips to B & H Photo in NYC to add to my arsenal didn't hurt either...) I mean this stuff keeps me up at nights... I get excited by talking shop with a sales-rep about the importance of purchasing just the right well made Manfrotto ball-head for mounting my remote cameras:

The gear layout here at left is my ever-growing cache of cameras, lenses, flashes, clamps, magic-arms, Pocket-Wizard radio transmitters & receivers, and other essential gizmos & 'thig-a-ma-jigs' for shooting multiple cameras and installing a remote camera(s) and/or flashes. *(The 300mm f/2.8 isn't here, so I'll add a full working kit image when I get everything together for the upcoming road trip to Binghamton, NY to cover the Empire State Games this weekend...) Stay tuned. -cg.

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