16 October 2007

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*This is what it means to me to work in Africa. Period.
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Nov. 2005.

I'll start here. (I don't remember the specific logistics of my 6th. trip to Africa, nor do I remember the flight itinerary, but I knew I'd be hitting my knees when I arrived in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia back in November 2005. This image was made in the parking lot outside Bole International Airport at approximately 12:30AM local time. There's just something about heading to Africa to work. It is the light...? the cultures & people...? the sheer majesty of arriving in such an overwhelming land mass, no matter where you are on the continent...? I have always felt that the spirits of my parents & ancestors are with me when I've worked in Africa... I am there because they - my parents - never had the opportunity.) I've worked in Africa 7 times since 2001.

Moscow. June 2005.
Moscow. June 2005.
Arriving back in Moscow from Vladivostok, after 11 days onboard the Trans Siberian Railway in June 2005.
This was from a working vacation where I traveled across the Russian Federation with Russian colleague and dynamite photographer, Ivan Shapovalov. I'm trying to imagine any other photographic challenge that I've attacked and sucessfully overcome more than the Trans-Sib. © Photograph by Ivan Shapovalov / JSCo. Russian Railways. *(see my link on Ivan below at: "International colleagues, fixers, translators, guides, drivers, assistants, go-fers, or maybe just somebody to meet you at the airport...")

aboard the Trans-Siberian Railway
Incredible chow onboard the Trans-Siberian Railway. June 2005.
Hot lunch from local vendors in our train compartment during the Trans-Siberian Railway. June, 2005. © Photograph by Ivan Shapovalov / JSCo. Russian Railways.

Vladivostok Station. Russian Federation. June 2005.
I always thought this was a nice image of me in deep thought that Ivan made in Vladivostok, Russian Federation. We'd just arrived earlier at approximately 9AM local time in the eastern most city in Russia, after completing our 11-day journey on the Trans-Siberian Railway. © Photograph by Ivan Shapovalov / JSCo. Russian Railways.

"Go to where the pictures are..."
Petra, Jordan.  September 2006.
With a bedouin family. Petra, Jordan. April 2006.

Arlington National Cemetery. April 2005.
Arlington National Cemetery. Arlington, VA. April 2005.

Sausalito, CA.  August 2004.
Golden Gate Bridge. Sausalito, CA. August, 2004.

San Ysidro, CA - Tijuana, Mexico border. July 2004
On the US border line at San Ysidro, CA and Tijuana, Mexico. July 2004.

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