17 August 2007

*Recent Work or Just Having Fun Out in the Field...

*I just love it when the opportunity and creativity just flows & I get to make images like these:
Newburgh, NY. August 2007.
Youngsters kept cool in the spray of a sprinkler at Audrey Carey Park on Liberty Street in Newburgh, NY on Thursday, August 16, 2007. Times Herald Record/CHET GORDON
Fire Chief's Funeral. Middletown, NY.  Aug. 2007.
Middletown, NY firefighters salute as a caisson bearing the casket of Chief Donald Kimble Jr. passes in front of Middletown Central Firehouse during a funeral procession in Middletown, NY on Saturday, August 11, 2007. Chief Kimble who died on Monday, was the Chief of the Middletown Fire Dept. from 1997-2000. Times Herald Record/CHET GORDON *(see my earlier post "Gadgets, gizmos, remotes, & what'chamacall-its..." on how I made this image with a remotely mounted Nikon D-1X.)

Playground Basketball Features.  July 2007.
Jamar Lindo, 15 in background, drives to the basket during a shoot-around game at Fancher-Davidge Park in Middletown, NY on Wednesday, July 11, 2007. Watching from the court are Andrew Webb, and Jason Stephens, partially hidden, both 15, as seen through the legs of P.J. Plunkett, 7, seated on the bench. Times Herald-Record/Chet Gordon

*this is from a quick take the other day dodging late afternoon raindrops where I was assigned to find people doing something on the most boring Sports day of the Year. (during the MLB All-Star Game break.) this image didn't make the paper, BTW.

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