03 June 2007

"Gadgets, gizmos, remotes, & what'chamacall-its..."

Remote camera situations. or putting the camera where you want it when you can't be there to fire it...
Remote D-1X w/ fisheye. Aug. 2007 Fire Chief's Funeral. Middletown, NY.  Aug. 2007.
To make the image at right of the former fire chief's funeral, I mounted a remote Nikon D-1X with 10.5mm fisheye to a Bogen Magic Arm and secured by a Super Clamp to the top rail of the bucket on tower ladder fire truck. Trigered by Pocket Wizards, with receiver attached in the hotshoe. also used a 3 foot plastic tie-down to run through the camera mounting plate and the trucks halogen light handle for added peace of mind for those us down on the ground...

Two-day NY State Track & Field Championships in Kingston, NY. June 8-9, 2007.
2 Days of High School Track & Field Championships. June 2007. 2 Days of High School Track & Field Championships. June 2007.
*This top image was made with a remote Nikon D-1X (bottom photo) on the ground. Kept reminding the track official at left to not step on the camera and please, please, please always catch the pole after a vaulter has jumped and watch out for the bouncing crossbar too. I set up a floor remote Nikon D-1X with a 17mm-35mm zoom lens, triggered by Pocket Wizards at the base of the pole vault pit during the NY State Track and Field Championships in Kingston on Saturday, June 8, 2007. this is the same rig used to make the hurdler photo a few weeks ago in the following post, but with a different lens. -cg.

Here's a similar photo that resulted from the following setup a few weeks earlier:
Floor remote for Track & Field. May 2007. Floor remote for Track & Field. May 2007.
Hurdlers compete in the 110 meter high hurdles at Crusader Relays at Monroe-Woodbury High School on Saturday, May 5, 2007. Times Herald-Record/Chet Gordon
The remote Nikon D-1X I put up, (actually down) is seen in the bottom photo on the ground for a low angle photo at a HS track meet a few weeks ago. I'm hoping for better results at a bigger meet. Remote Nikon D-1X w/ 14mm set-up approximately 3' from lane 1 of high hurdles during the Crusader Relays at Monroe-Woodbury High School on Saturday, May 5, 2007. *It was such a gorgeous day, I decided to try a low angle remote. fired with Pocket Wizards. will continue to use remotes at upcoming sports assignments, including my company Canon 1-D's, which have faster motor drives than my personal Nikon D-1X bodies. stay tuned. -cg.


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  2. Here's another idea for the pole vault photo. Climb the light tower in the background and shoot the vaulters coming up a you with a 400mm lens. Now that would be a different angle.